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Staff Well Being


Alongside the well being of pupils, we also ensure staff well being is a priority.  This is integral to our whole school ethos and we are clear that our most valuable assets are our staff.  We understand that school improvement must start with developing staff.   The success of our school depends on our ability to ensure we have excellent teachers in every classroom, delivering a high quality curriculum and supported by effective systems of leadership and management. 


In 2019 the Health and Safety Executive identified teachers as one of the highest groups for work related stress, depression and anxiety in Britain.  The Teacher Well Being Survey of 2020 highlighted educational professionals showed higher levels of depression (32%) than the general population (19%).

Due to our well being commitment , our staff absence and staff retention are very good.


Well being is not something we 'do', it is a consequence of our systems, actions and beliefs.

We have many things in place to support staff well being:

  • Shared planning across phases to reduce workload.
  • PPA can be taken at home or in phases if preferred.
  • Reduced marking policy to focus more on live marking for pupil impact.
  • Removed unnecessary data , targets and workload.
  • Additional time can be requested for all staff, just to catch up.
  • Staff well being board
  • Staff outdoor area and welcoming staff room.
  • Staff events.
  • Staff after school clubs (Yoga, badminton)
  • Personal CPD budget to develop staff interests and own knowledge.
  • Each class has a full time TA.
  • Staff meetings end at 5pm.
  • Lunch is provided free of charge on training days.
  • Staff trained in adult mental health.
  • Two SLT members have undertaken senior leader mental health training. 
  • Subscriptions purchased to help with the resourcing and planning and reduce teacher workload.
  • CPD available to all staff.
  • Well being policy in place.
  • Mental health training for staff.
  • Curriculum policies were replaced with a teaching and learning policy to reduce workload.
  • Staff are able to request time for family events and appointments.
  • Access to the employee assistance programme.
  • Designated well being governor.
  • Acknowledging the impact of secondary trauma.
  • Access to the local authority employee reward programme.
  • Termly staff well being committee.
  • Well being charter.
  • Regular check in and update meetings for all staff.
  • SLT open door policy.
  • Access to the staff shared area from home, to support home working.
  • Additional planning support with the curriculum lead to aid planning new units.
  • Well being governor drop in sessions available for all staff.


Work life balance for all staff is vital and each staff member will manage their own time, to suit their own personal circumstances.   Parents and colleagues are reminded that while staff are extremely dedicated to their job, they may not reply to messages or emails outside of working hours.  However, staff will always reply.