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Week 3 


With our new children settled in really well we have just got on and had lots of fun and learning this week.

We are concentrating on writing our name and numbers in group time, trying hard to get our pencil grip right.

The weather was lovely last week so we made the most of playing outside, in the sandpit and on the grass. We have also begun to think about sports day so have been practicing our sports day races!


Welcome back after the Easter break!

We have new children starting with us this half term, they have already had a week with us and have settled in well.

Our topic this half term is Monsters and Aliens. 

The first 2 weeks have been quite simple, with just a few activities out so that our new children get used to their new school environment.

We have had these activities to choose from:

  • Water play
  • Slime
  • Play dough aliens with googly eyes
  • Imagination play in our space ship role play area
  • Junk modelling alien space ships
  • An obstacle course to practice our gross motor skills on
  • The large outdoor sandpit


These are just a few of the activities we have had the chance to take part in. We also do daily counting and phonics work too.

Spring Term 2


We have come back to school after the half term with renewed energy and have settled back in really well.

This half term we will be looking at Food - tasting different things, looking at what is healthy and unhealthy, how to keep ourselves healthy and clean and investigating foods by chopping, cutting, tasting and smelling them. We will be using all our 5 senses to investigate and discover food.

We are also reading the story of The Gingerbread Man in our Talk for Writing and are using this story as a basis for other learning.

These are some of the activities we have been doing so far this term:

  • tasting fruit and making a graph of our favourite
  • washing the dishes in the water tray
  • developing our core strength by riding bikes and scooters
  • using our sense of smell to detect different things in smelly pots
  • potato printing
  • vegetable printing pizzas
  • colouring skills - fruit and veg pictures
  • investigating eggs in different states - raw, boiled, fried, scrambled
  • labelling fruit
  • role play in our very own café!

There will be lots more activities that are available to us every day. We are always on the go and do so much in one day.

Spring Term week 3 - 16.1.17


Another week at school and another busy one!

These are just of few of the activities we have had the chance to do this week:

  • using real hammers, nails, screwdrivers and screws
  • making crowns and masks
  • practicing our colouring in and mark making
  • using our imagination with the Happy Land toys
  • pretending to be school teachers
  • making shapes using lolly sticks
  • dancing and moving to music

As well as counting, mark making, listening to and reading stories, having snack and playing with our friends.

Spring 1 Term January 2017


This term we welcomed new starters to our class - and they have already settled in so well it's like they have always been here.

As well as new friends we have also had some changes to the unit and some new toys to play with. Each week the equipment in the classrooms is changed so we have to spend some time exploring to find what things we can do.

The first 2 weeks of the term has given us the opportunity to do some of the following activities:

  • small and large scale construction both inside and outside
  • small world imagination with the Happy Land toys
  • mark making with chalks, pens, crayons and charcoal
  • cutting herbs and using our sense of smell in the sensory bin
  • bikes, trikes and scooters for gross motor skill outside on the track
  • books to look at - and some new ones too!
  • using boxes and tubes to create house or buildings
  • using stencils - this is tricky!
  • looking at and playing with old fashioned home items in our role play area


Now that the new starters have settled in nicely we look forward to the new year and the Spring Term and all the learning it will bring.

Autumn 2 week 1 31.10.16


Welcome back after a week off! We were straight back into busy busy busy - we never really stop!

It was Halloween when we came back to school so we had a week of Halloween related activities, it all started with a dressing up day. Some of us were really scary. Miss Thorp had a trail of green spiders crawing up her back and into her hair!

These are just a few of the activities we had the opportunity to do this week:

  • Pumpkin playdough
  • carving pumpkins
  • threading halloween shapes with string
  • retelling the story of Winnie the Witch
  • dressing up in halloween clothes
  • making a sesection of halloween crafts - ghosts, bats, magic wands
  • making potions in our potions lab outside
  • investigating our new HUGE sandpit
  • investigating our new soil tray with the digging tools



Week 5 3.10.16

Some new and interesting things were in the unit this week and we had fun investigating them!

  • pipe work above the water tray
  • seeds, pasta and beans in the sand tray
  • seeds and grains to sort out on the messy table
  • coloured pegs and boards to develop our finger muscles on the finger gym table
  • different sized and shapes of balls to throw, catch and kick

As well as the more familiar things:

  • climbing on the climbing frame
  • mark making and writing in all the areas - including outside!
  • large scale construction both inside and outside
  • role play in the home corner and in the outside house
  • autumn objects to investigate
  • painting
  • playdough
  • cutting and sticking
  • musical instruments

Week 4 26.9.16

We have really settled in now and are becoming familiar with the unit and all the different activities that are available to do.

This week we have had the opportunity to take part in these activities:

  • sand play
  • water play - using syringes to squirt the water
  • cutting out caterpillar shapes
  • drawing with chalk on black paper
  • mixing powder paints to create different colours
  • developing our pedalling skills on the bikes
  • climbing and jumping from the climbing frame and the large crates
  • operating a selection of technical toys including remote control cars and torches
  • imaginative play with the dinosaurs
  • using crepe paper streamers in the wind
  • perfecting our hand eye co-ordination by playing games such as Operation!

As you can see we do keep ourselves busy each week and we enjoy every day as they always bring something different to our learning.

Week 3 19.9.16

Another busy week, filled with activities both inside and outside. We wore jeans for genes day on Friday and made a donation to the charity. The start of the week was cold and wet but the end of the week was hot and sunny.

These are some of the activites we had the chance to do this week:

  • making faces using Mr Potato Head
  • mark making with crayons and chalk
  • climbing on the climbing frames outside
  • riding the bikes and the scooters
  • playing in the sand
  • using the syringes in the water to squirt
  • building with lego - big, medium sized and little lego
  • paint mixing and creating new colours
  • making new sounds with a selection of instruments
  • meeting Poppy and Daisy - our guinea pigs

Week 2  12/9/16

Its been another busy week here in F1. Our new children started on Monday and we had fun making new friends and showing the new children all the different things we do in school.

We enjoyed tasting chocolate for Roald Dahl Day on Tuesday!

Here is some of the things we had the chance to do this week:

  • filling and pouring sand
  • counting and building towers using wooden bricks
  • threading straws onto string
  • climbing on the clombing frame
  • cutting and sticking using all sort of junk
  • fun at the water tray, pouring and catching plastic balls
  • looking at daddy long legs

It was such lovely weather at the start of the week that we spent most of our choosing time outside in the sun. However on Friday it was very different - this time we enjoyed splashing in the puddles that all the rain made.

Fisrt week back 5.9.16

We were staight into lots of different activities in the first week. counting, mark making, listening to stories, singing songs were just a select few activities we did.

We also had chance to choose from these other activities during continuous provision:

  • cutting skills
  • climbing
  • water play
  • sand play
  • making hand prints and counting to 10
  • initial sounds and mark making
  • playdough
  • small world including train tracks, cars and animals
  • chalking

We also had visits from the new F1 starters and enjoyed showing them all the different things we do in school. We are really looking forward to them starting next week!