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Week commencing 17.05.21

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Whole class isolation w.c. 17th May 2021


Please remember to post a close-up photograph of your child's work to their ClassDojo portfolio so that we can check their understanding.




Practice your 11 times table with Number Rock! Cool!


Continuing our lessons on multiplication, in this lesson you will explore whether the product changes if different multiplication strategies are used. Remember, in multiplication the product is the answer.


English - Reading

We are reading the Firework Makers Daughter in class and this lesson looks at the first chapter of the book. Can you read along with Ms Johnson and engage with the text, practising strategies for understanding unfamiliar vocabulary.


Extreme Earth! - Geography

Continuing our Extreme Earth topic, you will learn how fold mountains are created.


Wellness Wednesday

The birds are very busy at the moment, preparing their nests for their chicks. Why not leave them some scraps in the garden; seeds, nuts or even bread crusts. Then sit quietly and see who visits!





Practice your 8 times tables. Here’s an old favourite to have a good sing along to!

In today’s lesson you will learn to multiply numbers by 10 and 100. This will be great extra practise for your CLIC Tests.


English – Reading

Today’s session follows on from yesterday’s reading of chapter one of the Firework Makers Daughter. In this lesson you will practise using your retrieval and inference skills we have been concentrating on in class.



Complete this workout …

Then, complete some research… we have been learning how to play badminton, we have been practising all the skills needed to play a game. Your task is to research the rules and write these down so we can share them and play a game when we are back together.


Thirst-quenching Thursday

Why not try making your own smoothie? Home-made smoothies are much cheaper than shop bought varieties and you can change the fruit depending on what you have in the fridge / freezer. I can definitely recommend this strawberry one but if you have your own favourite smoothie recipe, please share it with us on ClassDojo.






Practice your 9 times table. Here’s our favourite video as a special Friday treat!


In today’s lesson you will learn about the special link between the place value columns and multiplication.


English - Reading

In today’s session you will continue the work on the Firework Makers Daughter. Like in class we will focus on inference and use these skills to analyse the main character.



Ask an adult to test you on your spellings;

Group 1- natural                                                       Group 2- dear                    

                occasional                                                                 hear

                sensational                                                                 beard

                accidental                                                                 near

                actual                                                                         year

                medical                                                                      clear

                national                                                                      pear                                                                      

                personal                                                                     wear

                strength                                                                      strength

                describe                                                                    describe



How to change the size of a shadow. Continuing our unit on Light and Dark today you will be learning how you can change the size of a shadow. You'll have a go at creating your own shadow puppet theatre. You will need a pencil, a piece of paper, and if you've got them, some cardboard, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. You must ask for the help of an adult when using your scissors.


Fitness Friday

We’ve been talking about Mental Health Awareness week / month in our class assemblies and I thought you’d might like to try this special edition of Cosmic Kids Yoga, to calm your body and your mind, and therefore help you on your way to positive mental health. Enjoy!


Other activities

MFL – Spanish


Art – Learn how to draw a volcano

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to draw an erupting volcano. You could colour it in using realistic colours or create another pop-art masterpiece in the style of Andy Warhol. Please share your creations on your ClassDojo portfolio.