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Week commencing 08.02.21


We’re having a Wow! Day in school. Why not try out some of these fun activities linked to our history topic – the Romans!

Who were the Romans? Find out who the Romans were by watching these funny but informative video clips!

Design a Roman shield. Look at the examples provided and then design your own on the activity sheet or use the side of an empty cereal box.

Create a mosaic. Romans used mosaics of gods, myths and everyday life to decorate the walls and the floors of their homes. Their helmets were called ‘galea’. Create a mosaic of a galea using the template on the activity sheet.

CHARGE! Read about the Roman invasion and then answer the questions on the activity sheet.



Warm-up - Counting in 5s helps us with telling the time. Use this Scratch Garden song to help with this important skill.

In today’s lesson we are learning about Roman numerals. Read through the presentation document and then complete the activity sheet.


Carrying on with our explanation text on how bees make honey, in this lesson, we will write a plan, using our word-bank and sequencing pictures to help us.


Design & Technology

In this lesson, we will explore what makes a healthy lunch, what kinds of ingredients could be used and why they may have been chosen. We will also look at a lunchbox and consider where the ingredients have come from. Please note this lesson will require some additional equipment, beyond a pen, pencil or paper, to fully participate. Please see the equipment slide near the start of the lesson video and make sure your child is adequately supervised if equipment is required.



In this lesson, we are going to be learning about Buddhism as a religious tradition that was originally passed on by word of mouth. We will also learn about the Buddha’s core teaching that helps Buddhists reach enlightenment: the eightfold path.



Warm-up. Here’s another Scratch Garden video to help us with time. It helps to remind us about the link between analogue and digital clocks.


In today’s lesson we are continuing to learning about Roman numerals. Read through the presentation document and then complete the activity sheet.


In this lesson, we will revise our knowledge of clauses and sentence types and then practise writing complex and compound sentences.


Topic – history

In this lesson we will learn about how Roman beliefs were similar to those of the Ancient Greeks. We will begin by looking at how the Ancient Greeks influenced Roman religion. Finally, we will look at how the Ancient Greeks influenced Roman culture.



Children will be looking at some common road signs and will learn how to keep safe whilst out on a bike. Children will become familiar with the car seat law and create a fact sheet on what they have learnt.



Warm-up – Did you enjoy listening to Jonny and the Raindrops? Here’s their catchy tune again to help us remember how to tell the time.


Today we will start a new unit looking at statistics and data. In this lesson we will consider what data is and how this can be represented using pictograms, including where pictures represent more than 1.



In this lesson, we will explore what makes an effective introduction and then write the introduction to our own explanation texts about how bees make honey.


Design & Technology

In this lesson, we will gather information, considering the needs of our user. We will use this information to create our own design criteria.



In this lesson we will identify the flowering parts of a plant and learn about their functions.



Today is World Book Day! In class we will still be completing our reading and English lessons but we’re also going to be taking part in lots of fun activities.


What a waste!

We’re going to read this non-fiction book by Jess French. Here is a video of the book for you to enjoy at home.


Here is a video made by Jess (the author of What a Waste!) Watch the video and then complete the task to write a letter to a friend about how we can use less plastic and be kinder to the planet.


Why not create your own book using the template below? You can also enjoy these Where's Wally activities and colouring in sheets. There's also a book-mark and a book-token competition to take part in.

We’ll also be making a Mother’s Day Card. So why not see if you can re-create some of this lovely idea?



Optional activities