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Monday 24.05.21- Over the past three weeks we have been looking at newspaper reports as our text type. We would like you to impress your parents by writing your own newspaper report. It is up to you, you could continue writing about the classroom earthquake or you could choose a topic of your choice (e.g. home earthquake, your isolation experience or alien invasion). Today focus on your headline, introduction and recount. I know this might be tricky as you don’t have your plan, but just try your best! We can’t wait to see what you have wrote.



Tuesday 25.05.21– Continue to write your newspaper report. Focusing on the eye-witness statement and looking forward. Watch the daily video to recap the main features. Remember to include direct and indirect speech!

Wednesday 26.05.21 – Create an earthquake safety poster. What advice should people follow in the event of an earthquake? Follow this link for advice