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Autumn term

RE - Remembrance Day poppies, so proud of there pictures.

Science experiment - which all is the bounciest (materials matter)

Yoga time, we love Yoga

RE diva lamps

Our bonfire night celebration of our Guy Fawkes topic, making a nature friendly school Guy Fawkes to put on the fire and sparklers as a treat! Great day

Chatting during Pshe

Halloween day 2021

RE - making our Sukkot using the imagination playground.

Making and performing our town crier speeches in history

Maths - using the inequality signs and dienes working in pairs.

A few lessons from our gymnastics lessons balance, core strength, precise movements.

Science looking at different materials around school

WOW day baking using a 1666 recipe. Most of the children enjoyed them!

Our Hook for our new story “How Coyote brought fire to the earth” English

Round Dahl day!

Maths partitioning, counting in 10s, using 10s.

Science - looking at materials and what are their uses.

RE - Belonging. We made class badges

RE - making Mezuzah’s and talking about the Jewish faith

Jigsaw thinking about any worries we may have. Focus “Being me in my world”.