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The Governing Body at Marshlands Primary School acts as a critical friend to the school. It takes part in formulating school policies and managing and setting the financial budget which it continuously reviews throughout the school year. It reviews the school development plan and members come into school to look at the teaching and learning that takes place in the classrooms. Our governing body is made up of parents, staff, local authority representatives and members of the community. Each year group has an appointed governor so that they can get to know the children, check on progress and see how the Pupil Premium is being spent to raise progress.


Please use this page to see who our governors are, find out about their responsibilities, contact the governors and read the termly governors' newsletters.

Our Governors

Governor Responsibilities


Governor Appointment Term               Key Stage Other Responsibilities/Committees Declared Interests
Mrs J Clarkson Staff 10th Nov 2015- 2019  


Writing governor

Safeguarding committee.

Mrs C Hallam Parent

17th Nov 2016 -2020

Resigned Dec 2017.


English governor.

Safeguarding and school improvement committee.

Mr D Howard Community 23rd Feb 2015- 2019 and 2019-2023.


Chair,  careers  & Parent Voice governor.

Safeguarding, Finance and personnel and Performance review.

Parent works in school
Mr J Alexander Parent

15th Dec 2016-2020

Resigned Mar 18


Science governor

Safeguarding & finance committee

Mini Bugs Nursery

Double Glazing Company

Mrs G Massey Community 31st Dec 2014 - 2018 and 2018-2022


Reading, Science &  'Pupil Premium' governor.

Finance and personnel, school improvement committee and Performance review.

Mr A Mowton Parent Nov 2017-2021


Safeguarding  & School Improvement Committee

Miss M Sarginson Community 31st Dec 2014 -2018 and 2018-2022


Maths & SEND  governor.

Finance and personnel, Performance review and school improvement committee

Mrs S Tang Headteacher 31st Aug 2014-2018 and 2018 -2022.   Finance and personnel, safeguarding  and School improvement committee  
Ms E Yorke Community 5th Dec 2016 -2020 EYFS

Vice chair, Foundation governor.

Finance and personnel and school improvement committee.

Mr J Wrafter Associate 17th Nov 2015 - 2019   Finance and personnel committee, School improvement committee.  
Mrs E Sharp Associate 23rd February 2019-2022   Finance and personnel committee, School improvement committee.  
Miss J Campey Authority 5th December 2018-2022 UKS2

Safeguarding governor, Safeguarding & School Improvement committee

Writing governor

Miss B Kinder Parent

23rd February 2019-2023

Resigned May 2019



Governors appointed as : staff, parent, community and authority have voting rights within their committes and also within full governing body meetings.

Associate governors can attend meetings but do not have any voting rights.


Contact The Governors

Please complete the contact form below to contact the governing body. Please include as much information as possible.