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Year 2 work and photos

Butterfly Dance

Y2 Trip to White Quarry Farm

Jewish Wedding

The lovely bride to be
The Bridal party
Bride and bridesmaids
The Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom
The Groom and Fathers
The happy couple
The Chuppa
The wedding cake
The wedding breakfast
The cutting of the cake

A visit from the King!

The King came to visit us!
We bowed and curtseyed.
We had to persuade the King...
not to feed use to the dragon!

Investigation- What is the best way to remove bacteria from our hands?

What is the best way from removing bacteria?
We had a discussion about it.
We coated 3 children's  hands in oil and flour.
The flour represented the bacteria.
Kiara washed her hands in cold water.
Kianna had warm water but no soap.
Lincoln had warm water and soap.
We looked at the results.
Warm water and soap is the best method!

PE in the sunshine!

Look at our amazing jumping!

St John's Ambulance Basic First Aid training

We had a visit from a St John's Ambulance officer.
She talked to use about first aid.
We learnt what was in a first aid kit.
We had to make a pretend 999 call.
Keaton was the 999 operator.
Then we practised making calls in pairs.
Then we learnt what we should do in an emergency.
Poor Amy had collapsed!
Kiara had hurt her arm.
She was taken away in ambulance!
We had a go at putting on bandages.
It's not as easy as it looks!
Good job girls!

Geography- Making a journey stick

We went on a journey around school.
We stopped at different places.
We drew a picture to remind us where we had been.
We drew an emoticon to show how we felt.
Then we threaded our paper onto a stick.

Maths- Going on a right angle hunt

We have been learning about right angles.
We went on a right angle hunt.

Sports Day

The boys are ready to go!
The girls are ready to go!
And they're off!
Look at all my stickers!
Sports day is exhausting!

Visit from a dragonologist

This is Professor Jones, a dragonologist.
She is an expert on dragons!
She showed us some of the tools she uses.
A net to catch the dragons in.
Pliers to cut their nails.
We made notes about what Professor Jones told us

Waterways visit

Ready to go on the boat trip.
All aboard!
It's a bit chilly!
But we're still having a good time!
Now it's raining!
Spot the heron!

Horrid Henry unit of work- Instructions on how to make a stink bomb

First crack an egg into a plastic bottle.
Then add 1 tablespoon of milk.
Next add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
Screw the top on tightly.
Then give it a shake.
Put it somewhere warm for a few days.
Finally put your stinkbomb in your enemies room!

Who lives here topic- Woodlice enquiry

We wanted to find out...
which habitat woodlice preferred.
So we did an enquiry to find out.
Woodlice prefer dark and damp habitats.
And they didn't like the bananas we gave them!

Who lives here topic- going on a bug hunt

We went on a bug and plant hunt.
We looked in different habitats.
We looked in micro-habitats.
Look what I've found!
We've found woodlice!
We drew what we found.
We had to look very carefully
I wonder what this is?
Our school bug hotel

Who lives here topic- making bug huts

We made bug huts!
We used recyled juice bottles.
Inside the bottles we put...
bamboo canes...
pine cones...
and bark chippings.
Hopefully we'll  get some guests arriving soon!

Interviewing 'The Cat'

We had a visit from a cat!
He was a friendly cat!
We asked him about his stolen gold!

Interviewing Gretel

We all interviewed Gretel.
She told us about being lost in the woods.
She explained how frightened she had been.
Gretel described the witch.
She explained how she had escaped.
And how glad she was to be home.

Interviewing 'The farmer'

We had a vist from a farmer.
We asked him questions.
About why his papaya spoke!

Marvellous Materials

Which material is best for Ted's  umbrellea?
We investigated to find out!
Finding out about...
which materials stretch...
and squash.
We made our own clay models.
Investigating which materials can be recycled.
We printed onto fabric.
Using vegetables to print with.

Visit to Eastrington Church

We visited St Michels Church, Eastrington
Reverend Thornally showed us the font.

Weather Experts

Here is the weather today...
We went outside to observe the wind.
We made rain gauges.


We made a model that included a circuit and bulb.
Here is Doctor Who's Tardis!
Here is a helicopter!
Here is a helicopter.
We had a visit from Drax.
They showed us how a power-station worked.

The Great Fire of London

We had a visit from Jane Birch
We made tudor houses
Here are our finished houses.
We wrote a speech to warn people about the fire.
Then we put on our Town Crier robes.
Oyez, Oyez listen up!