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Week Commencing 18th May

Here are some activities to keep you busy this week...


Remember there is no pressure to complete them, but they are here IF you wish to.

Miss Thorp and Mrs Wright would love to see what you are all getting up to...

You can use the book that you took home to record anything.

Alternatively, you can let us know on twitter or by email.


Miss Thorp's email -

Mrs Wright's email -



Daily work outs for all of the family. 9am every week day morning.


Or you can try some yoga!

 (Adult supervision required)



Choose a story that you haven't looked at for a while. Do you like it? Why?


Writing/Mark Making

Have a go at making up your own story! You could use your toys for characters, or people in your family/friends at school.

Can you remember how we make up our own stories at school? We make a story map!

Have a go... 'Once upon a time there was..., who lived in a..., One day... They all lived happily ever after!'



Watch the numberblocks episode 'Off We Go' 

(Adult supervision required)


The episode is all about counting 1 to 5 in order. It's really important to be able to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the right order. Can you do it?

Grown ups: show your child different sets of objects e.g. 3 lego bricks / 4 books - can your child count them correctly by moving them or pointing to them? You could have a look at what the numbers 1-5 look like, can you name them?


Groovy Movers

It's a favourite of ours... it's the Penguin Dance!!! Grown ups join in too, you'll love it. 

(adult supervision required)



Imagine that you are a superhero! Dress up in a different outfit/costume and tell your grown-up what your superpowers are.


Understanding the World

With your grown-up's permission, use their camera to take photos. Do you know which button to press to take the photo? Take a photo of your favourite toy or your favourite meal.


Stay safe, smile and keep washing your hands! smiley

We miss you!