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Week 7 24.5.21

Home Learning - Week commencing 24.5.21

As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo. 

Also please send picture of any work your child have done through the messenger service on class dojo 

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Monday 24.5.21

English- We are going to continue with our writing skills this week. Today I would like you to use your phonics to write a list of your top 5 favourite foods and your top 5 favourite toys and then draw some pictures to go with it.


Phonics- Please complete the work for the correct group your child is in for phonics. Your child will know which adult that they work with. 

Mrs Kazemi's Group- Learn the sound 'r' watch the lesson by following the link: Practise writing the sound (Don't forget the 'get ready' lines) then practise your reading and blending by watching the video and trying to sound out and read the word.

Miss Nicholls Group- Learn the sound 'ng' watch the lesson by following the link Practise writing the ng sound. Remember this is usually found at the end of a word. Next have a go at writing the words in the pictures below.


Maths- This week in Maths we are working on finding one more and less than a specific number. Follow the link to go to the Oak national academy lesson.


Understanding the World - Last week we were finding out lots of information about space. Take part in the lesson to find out some more features of Space.

What is your favourite thing you have learned about Space in our topic this half term. Can you write a sentence to tell me? 


Tuesday 25.5.21

English- Today we are going to write some sentences about what we can see at the park.

Using a picture of the park below. (or you can download the sheet at the bottom of the page to write on if you would like)

Write what you can see using your phonics.

REMEMBER: Not all words the children write will be the correct spelling and this is ok. for example they might write butterfly like this butrfli because these are the soundS they here. This is fine. 



Mrs Kazemi's Group- Learn the sound 'j' Practise writing the j sound and then think of some things that start with this sound. Can you write some of these things? Next play a game with Fred - 'What's at the zoo' by following this link

Miss Nicholls Group- Learn the sound 'qu' Can you practise writing this sound? Next try writing a sentence that has the word queen in. e.g. The queen is kind. 


Maths- Today we will be looking at finding 'one less' than a number, Follow the link to take part in the lesson.


Reading - Have a go at reading the ditty 22: Up the Hill. Seen below or found to download at the bottom of the page.


Creative- Can you build, make, draw or paint a rocket ship. Look at the pictures below for some ideas or watch the lesson by following this link.



Wednesday 26.5.21

English - Today I would like you to have a go at using your phonics to label the pictures. The sheet gives you the first sound and you have to finish the word off the word. I would like everyone to have a go at the first one 'Farm' as shown in the picture but there is a beach scene you could do too. This can be found to download and print at the bottom.



Mrs Kazemi- Learn the sound 'y' Practise writing this sound. Then try using your phonics to sound out and write these words using the pictures.

Miss Nicholls- We have now learned all the set 1 RWI sounds. In Read, Write Inc we learn to read real words and nonsense words (that have no meaning.) Have a go at playing this game Please choose phase 2 and then revise all phase 2.  The you have to put the real words in the treasure chest and the nonsense words in the bin. 


Maths- We are carrying on today with one more and fewer. Follow the link to join the lesson


Physical Development- Complete some Cosmic Kids Space Yoga all about Mike the Space Monkey


P4C - Watch the Spot and Stripe video. Talk with your family about which you think is better. Summer or winter? Why? I would love to hear some of your thoughts.


Thursday 26.5.21

English - Yesterday we labelled things that you might find on the farm. Using the words you labelled yesterday write some sentences about the farm or if you would like to use the pictures below you can do this too. (This can be downloaded at the bottom of the page)



Mrs Kazemi- Learn the new sound 'v'  Watch  the lesson following the link:

Practise writing the sound. Then Practise writing the words dog and mat. Ask an adult to tell you the word for you to sound out and try to write. 

Miss Nicholls- Watch the video to practise all the sounds we have learned.

Then have a look at this lesson to Fred Talk  to read different words


Reading - Practise reading Ditty 23 - Cats. (This can be found to download at the bottom of the page) I would love to see some videos of you reading send to me on Class Dojo. 


Maths- We are carrying on today with one more and fewer. Follow the link to join the lesson


Music -  Last week we started listening to and taking part in some Space themed music. Here is the second lesson to have a go at. Have fun!



Some Educational songs we sing at school to join in with:

Doubles to 5 -

Counting in 10's -

Number bonds to 10-

Days of the week -

Planets song-

Pirate subtraction -

3D Shapes -

Count to 20

Tricky words song -

Blending song -