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Week Commencing 22.6.20

Hi everyone, another week of home learning is here ready for another week.  I hope you are all ok, it has been so nice seeing some of the children in school.  We miss you all though.

I know it is hard to keep going at home so just try your best and just a little bit everyday will be great!




So we have been reading Handa`s Surprise and Handa`s Hen over the last few weeks.  Some really lovely books to read together.  

This week continue to practise tricky words and phase 2 and 3 of your phonic sounds.  Can you split up the words and blend them to read words?  Also if your finding it tricky look for the initial sound in words.  


Here`s a little reading activity for you.  If you read the sentence (get an adult to help you) and then add in the right objects or colours to make your picture make sense.  Have a look below.







Here are a few fun songs to help with counting to 20.  Can you count forwards and backwards, can you make a number line? Can you get someone in your family to take a number away? Do you know what the missing number is? 

The first song is counting.  See the link below.

The second song is all about 3d shapes.  Have a look at it and then can you remember any of the shape names?

Go on a shape hunt around your home and see if you can find any objects that are 3d?   


Please make sure that you have adult supervision if you are on youtube.



Here is a word builders activity, you have to add letters to finish the words. The letters are there for you.  If you are not sure you can always have a go at looking at the picture and saying the initial sound of the word and using the picture to help you.  


Can you have a go at making a list of 5 different jungle animals.

If you are not sure, see if you can research what a jungle animal is.  They don`t live around here, unless you have visited a wildlife park? 

If you want to, just write the initial sound of the animals and draw a picture of them.  If you can sound out all the letters and then write the full words.

Here are a few jungle animals!!






to name a few............



Have a go at making some of these fun activities!