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Week 1 - 4.1.21


Home learning - Week Commencing 5.1.2021 



English- This Half term our topic is Minibeasts. The story we are focussing on is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Listen to the story on Youtube. Then create a symmetrical butterfly. If you have got any paints at home. Draw a butterfly on a piece of paper, paint one half of the paper and then fold it over. Talk about what has happened. If you don't have any paint. Use colours to try and try and colour your butterfly so it looks the same on both sides.

Phonics- Learn the new sound 'x' Have a go at writing it too. Can you write any simple words when you have completed the lesson? eg. cat, dog, bus etc. 

Maths- We are learning about one more and one less. Make some number cards 1-5. Can you find the number than is one less than these numbers e.g. 3 <-- 4 --> 5.

Creative - Make a paper chain caterpillar - Red for his head and green for his body.

Extra activities from -


Wednesday -

English- Think back to the very hungry caterpillar story. Talk about the different fruit he ate. What did he eat on Monday? etc. On a piece of paper draw what he ate on each day and write the correct amount. 1 apple, 2 pears etc.

Phonics- Learn the new sound 'ng' Then read the words with Fred Talk

Maths- Make a one more story - Get a piece of paper and draw and tell an adult a one more story. E.G. I have five apples (the child draws themselves and 5 apples) I go to the shop and buy one more (draw one more apple) How many have I got now? 

Physical Development - Take part in the Cosmic Kids 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar Yoga'


Thursday - 

English-  Cut out a leaf shape. Colour it in and then practise writing your name on it.

Phonics- Practise the new sound 'nk' How many different words can you think of with this sound in?

Maths- Practise writing numbers from 1-6 (These are the numbers we learned about last half term. Then watch Numberblock 7

R.E. - In R.E. we are looking at the Christian faith family bible story Noah's Ark - Listen to the story. Talk about what happened.


Friday - 

Reading - Choose your favourite story from home and read it as a family. Who are the characters in the story? Where is the story set? Is there a problem in the story? If so how to the characters solve the problem.

Phonics- Practise all the new sounds that we have looked at this week. Practise writing them again. Can you think of any words that start with these sounds? Practise the tricky words. Watch this video Then sing the tricky word song.

Maths-  Watch the Numberblocks episode again. Practise writing number 7. Can you find 7 things around your house? Draw the number 7 Numberblock? Draw a rainbow. It is 7 because it has 7 colours.