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Week 3 - 18.1.21

Week 3 Home learning 

Please make sure that you share you home learning with us on Class Dojo. Work will also be set on your child's Dojo portfolio. 


Monday 18.1.21

English- Draw all the foods ate by 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' on Saturday. (There were lots!) Can you then write the initial sounds next to them. For example if you draw the pickle can you write p next to it. Here are the foods he ate. 

Maths- This week we are going to be looking at live lessons from the Oak National academy. If we were in school we would be looking at 2D shapes. Follow along each day with the video lessons. Please record down any activities it tells you to complete. 2D SHAPES -

Phonics- Revisit the sound 'T' -

Creative- Have a go at making a bee. There are some great ideas at this website. Can you think of another way to make one. I would love to see some of your creations on Class Dojo.


Tuesday 19.1.21

English- Have a go at labelling the different items from the Very Hungry Caterpillar story as seen in the picture below. (This will be put on Class Dojo and if you have the facilities to print it can be found at the bottom) 

Maths- Day 2 of shapes with Oak Academy. Today is Creating patterns with shapes.

Phonics- Revisit the sound 'i'

Reading- Keep practising those speed sounds. Have a go at reading these words in the book. Remember to sound out and blend to read the words. Follow the link.

Physical Development- This weeks yoga continues on our mini beast theme and is Coco the Butterfly.


Wednesday 20.1.21

English- Draw two caterpillars on a piece of paper, like the picture below. One smiling and one sad caterpillar. Can you draw all your favourite foods that you like to eat in the smiley caterpillar and all the food you don't like to eat in the sad caterpillar. PLEASE NOTE: It can be any foods it doesn't have to be the foods from the story. There is also a sheet at the end if you would like to print or this can be found on Class Dojo too.

Maths- Today on Oak academy we are moving on to learning about 3D Shapes.

Phonics- Revisit the sound 'n'

R.E.- Recap the story of Noah's Ark. What did god send to promise Noah to say he would never send a flood again?

 Draw Noah and  his ark and what he sent to Noah for his promise. 


Thursday 21.1.21

English- Have a Very Hungry Caterpillar Party - Can you make a caterpillar party hat (like in the picture below) Write an invitation who to invite to the party. Have a dance and a play the caterpillar song. (song -


Maths- Today in maths we recap 3D shapes and describe them.

Phonics- Practise the three sounds we have looked at this week. t i and n. Practise writing these sounds. Can you find things in your house that start with these sounds. Write some words that start with these sounds. 

Brain Breaks -  Some of my favourite brain breaks this week:

Double scoop -

Superheroes unit -

Understanding the World - Match the Minibeast to the correct habitat. Remember a habitat means where they live.

(This can be found below for printing or set as an activity on your portfolio on Class Dojo) 


Friday 22.1.21

Reading- Read the following - Ditty 2. Start by practising the speed sounds at the top making sure you recognise what these are. Then sound out and blend together to practise reading the green words. Help your child with recognising the red words. These are words that cannot be sounded out you just have to recognise them (sometimes we call them tricky words) Then read the ditty story at the bottom of the page. It would be great to see a video of your child reading. After reading a couple of times ask your child some questions to see if they have understood what they have read. (I will also post this on Class Dojo)

Maths - Recap all the new things that we have learned about this week in Maths.

Music- Back to Oak academy for our first music lesson - This is me. We are exploring our singing voice today.

Fine motor skills- This week we are practising our scissor skills. Draw some different patterned lines on a piece of paper and then with some scissors practise cutting along the lines carefully. Make sure an adult is around when you have scissors.