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Week 6 - 8.2.21

Home  Learning - Week 6 8.2.21


Monday 8.2.21

English- Continuing with the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' I would like you to think of a new character that the thieves would like to steal instead of the fine prize cow. Draw and label it. e.g. The award winning turtle. The fast moving cheetah. etc


Phonics- Today in phonics we are going to be recapping the sound 'f' watch the video here. Can you practise writing the sound f. Can you write the words in the pictures below.


Maths - This week in maths we are going to be learning about doubling. For this lesson you will need some objects to count and then follow the link to the lesson. (when doubling only use number cards to 5 to begin with.)


Creative - Use some different recyclable materials around your house to make a junk model. It can be anything you want. Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas.


Physical Development - In school our P.E. Topic would've been dance. Have a go at moving like an animal. See the picture below.



Tuesday 9.2.21


English- Today I would like you to label the characters from the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' Either download the sheet below (I will put this on Class Dojo too) or just draw the characters and write their names next to it. See picture below for the characters. REMEMBER: When writing use your phonics to sound out and write the words.

PARENTS: Your child might write the words differently than we do when using their phonics this is ok. For example they might write caw  for cow. This is because when you sound it out this is what it sounds like. At school we encourage the children to write what they can hear as this is how their writing develops.


Phonics- Today we are revisiting 'e Try writing the sound. Can you write some other sounds that you know. Next, play the Fred Frog game ' What is  at the Zoo'


Reading - Have a look at the sound blending book  10. Remember to sound out and blend to read the words.


Maths - Today we are continuing with doubling. Can you remember any doubles from yesterday?

 Watch and learn to sing the doubles song? 

Then have a got at completing the sheet as seen in the picture below (You can download this at the bottom and I will also put on your Class Dojo portfolio for you.) OR if you have some paints at home you could paint doubles. Make a certain number of dots on the paper then fold it over to make double.



TODAY IS SAFER INTERNET DAY - Today we are going to be looking at how to stay safe when using your electronic devices. Watch the lesson by following the link.




Wednesday 10.2.21  -  Wellness Wednesday

Today is going to be a non screen day. You can choose as many of the activities below as you would like. Don't forget we would love to see some pictures of the activities you have tried. (This will also be posted on class dojo and if you would like to print it. It can be found below. Have fun smiley


Thursday 11.2.21


English- Listen to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard Next' by Julia Donaldson.

Talk about how the story is the same or different from the first story we looked at? Does it have the same characters? The same story line? Are the thieves the same? What about what they steal? 

TASK: Draw your favourite part of the new story. Say why it is your favourite part. 


Phonics- Revisit the sound 'l' Practise writing l and then say  the following three words to the children and ask them to write them. Lip, log, leg. 

Practise singing our blending song. Follow the link :


Reading - Have a go at reading Ditty 5 - The big bag. (found below to download or on Class Dojo)

Don't forget I would love to see some videos of you reading too.


Maths - Watch 'Double trouble' Numberblocks episode.

Then play the board game as seen in the picture below. If you can't download this don't worry you could just make your own or make the image larger on your screen and use your screen as the game board.




Friday  12.2.21

Chinese New Year activities

Today in the festival of Chinese New Year. All our activities are going to be looking at and learning about this festival.


Don't feel you have to complete all of the activities provided you can choose however many you would like.  


Understanding the World  - Watch the story of to learn about Chinese culture and how they celebrate Chinese new year.

If you have access to any Chinese food have a taste. What does it taste like? Do you like it? What is your favourite thing?


English - In Chinese culture each year is named after a different animal. Watch the story to find out how the years were decided.  Can you draw the animal that represents the year you were born?

2015- Goat



Maths - Have a look at some Chinese numbers in the picture below. They look a bit different to our numbers don't they?Can you write how old you are in Chinese? Then write the English number next to it. If you like a challenge you could have a go at writing some other numbers too.


Maths - During Chinese new year celebrations children are sometimes given red envelopes with money inside! With an adult look at some coins. See if you can see any numbers on them. What numbers can you see? What shape are they? What colour are they? You could make a red envelope like the one in the picture. You could decorate it too!


Music- Learn the Chinese New Year song (to the tune of Frere Jacques)




Creative - Can you make a Chinese Lantern?  What about a paper plate Dragon? You could even try making a Drum or a paperchain dragon or something else. Have a go at some Chinese New Year craft activities.