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Week Commencing 27.4.20

Hello everyone,  hope everything is well. Here is this weeks learning activities. Please keep in touch through twitter.

We would love to hear from you and to see what you have been doing.

Stay safe smiley

Reading - 

  • Can you read these phrases and match them to the correct pictures.
  • Have a go at playing this reading snakes and ladders game with your family. If you don't have any dice or counters why not have a go at making your own. 
  • Don't forget to keep practising those tricky words and reading your books. 

Writing - 

  • Following on from reading the Supertato book from last week. 
  • (Here is the link to listen to the story again if you want to )
  • Have a go at describing Supertato and The Evil Pea from the story. 
  • Can you make a Wanted Poster like the one in the picture below to try and help Supertato to catch the Evil Pea. 

Maths -

  •  Have a go at counting in 10's from 1 to 100. Follow the link to sing the song:

             - Counting by 10's

  • (parents - please make sure that you supervise children when on Youtube)
  • Ladybird doubles - have a go at making some doubles ladybirds (remember there needs to be the same number of spots on both sides of the ladybird) like in the picture below. (only go up to double 5) to help you with learning doubles there is also another great song to sing: 
  •      - Doubles Rap
  • I spy number 9 - Have a look at all the different number representations on the sheet and circle all the ones that show number 9.

Invent a story - 

  • On a Friday in F2 we invent our own stories. We use a backwards large s on a piece of plain paper and ask the children to make up their own stories. (They can draw pictures, write words or sentences if they want) The children then tell us their stories and we scribe exactly what they say. 

Understanding the World  -

  • Have a go at these Spring home learning challenges - Record these in your exercise book. 
  • Can you name anymore animals and their young?