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Week commencing 25.1.21

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Monday 25th January 2021


Something a little different today, we are going to use BBC Bitesize to help us with apostrophes for contraction. What this means is letters are omitted (left out) when joining two words together. Watch the video and work through the activities and games to build your confidence with these.


Warm-up- practise your eight times table

Today we are going to be adding and subtracting with three-digit numbers, we will also be adding and subtracting with regrouping.


Continuing our work on Christianity, we are today looking at the sacred text – The Holy Bible. Identifying the two parts of the text, The Old Testament and The New Testament.


Spelling Rule – suffixes beginning with a vowel er/ed/ing

gardener       limited       offered        focused

gardening     limiting       offering       focusing


Tuesday- 26th January 2021


Again, using Bitesize we are looking at another way of using apostrophes. Yesterday we looked at apostrophes for contraction today we are focusing on apostrophes for possession. This means the apostrophe shows that something belongs it for example; The cat’s tail


Warm-up- practise your 4 times table with the hippy unicorn

Today we are going to be rounding both 2-digit and 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 using number-lines


In this lesson we will learn about what life was like before the Romans arrived in Britain. We will also learn about how historians have been able to learn about this period of history.


Wednesday 27th January 2021


In this lesson, you will be introduced to speech punctuation. You will look at the punctuation needed and how it should be laid out.


Warm-up- practise your 5 times-table

In this lesson, we are going to be putting our on investigating hats, in order to find all the possible numbers that could have been rounded to a multiple of ten.


If you are wanting to try something different to PE with Joe Wicks, then you can try the ‘Comic Kids Yoga Quest Challenge’. (Cosmic Kids) (PE with Joe)


In this lesson, you will be able to identify the people who help the local community. You will write a letter thanking them for their help.


Thursday 28th January 2021


In this lesson you will write a section of dialogue (speech) from the opening of Aladdin.


Warm-up- practise your three-times table

Today we are going to be rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 100 using number-lines.


Continuing our work on ‘Forces and Magnets’ today’s session looks at magnetic fields and two ways they can be seen. Follow the video and complete the activities.


Friday 29th January 2021


In this lesson you will investigate the prefixes- de-, re-, sub-, and super-.


Warm-up- practise your 10 times table

Today we are going to be solving a tricky word problem using our place value knowledge.


Following on from last weeks lesson looking at 4 beats to a bar we are going to change the pulse by creating 2 beats to a bar. You will need a plastic or paper cup for this lesson.


Here is a recap of reading for pleasure. You will create your own ‘Reading River’ showing your own personal reading journey.


Still need to keep little hands and minds occupied?  Try these extra activities…

Be thankful! What can you thank the people that you live with for? Maybe you could do something kind for them to say thank you. 😊

Zoom! Get ready for blast off by learning how to draw a rocket …

Feed the birds... Take part in the worlds largest wildlife survey.

Learn a new life skill... Practise telling the time

Bake! Eat something healthy, tasty and nutritious … learn how to make vegan cookies

Draw and colour! Why not draw a picture of the person / people that you are missing the most during this lockdown? Or draw yourself as an adult working in your dream job. How about getting some inspiration from outside and drawing the birds that visit your garden or any spring flowers that might be trying to poke through the soil? We’d love to see what you do.