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Week Commencing 20.4.20

Home Learning - 20.04.20 


Hi everyone, we hope you are all doing well and still enjoying time at home.  Today would have been our first day of our last term in F2.  We hope you are enjoying the activities that we have put on so far and are continuing to practice all the things we do at school.  We are very sorry we can`t be at school at the moment but stay safe and have fun! 



This week we would like you to read the book "Supertato".  Its a great book with lots of fun characters with a super hero and an evil pea!!

If you don`t have the book - click on the link or copy -  

(please make sure that you are supervised by an adult when watching youtube).


Can you pick out any words that you might know and are able to read.  Can you see any tricky words in the story? 

Talk about your favourite character in the story and why? Which vegetables do you like to eat? Do you think vegetables are good for you? healthy or unhealthy?



We are moving onto number 9, so counting up to 9 and up to 20.  Watch number blocks number 9 episode.  Click the link or copy -

Can you part, part, whole number 9 in different ways?

click or copy the link for examples - 

Use objects to help you.

We have found some nice activities on white rose maths linked to Supertato.  - click or copy the link -  



Draw a picture of Supertato and then draw a speech bubble. - What do you think the vegetables are saying?  What might Supertato say to the other vegetables? 

Eg: "I will help you"

"there is an evil pea on the loose"

"we need to escape"

"lets get out of here"


Can you make your own Supertato using a potato?





Have fun! 

Eat different vegetables and discuss how they taste.  Did you like them or not?

Do some vegetable printing to make a pattern or picture.



BBC Bitesize are launching learning for ages from 5 to support home learning in many subjects.


If you go onto BBC Bitesize and have a look. We will be looking today at some activities for you to do!  (Edit - I've had a look this morning with my kids but it starts at year 1) You could have a look to see if there is anything on year 1 that you might enjoy!