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Week 13 06/07/20

Week 13

Day 1:

  • Learn new spellings
  • Complete day 1 of phonics - we have now covered all set 3 sounds. For the next couple of weeks there will be daily sheets to complete recapping a trickier sound covered.
  • Complete day 1 of maths - today we are re-capping on fractions. Have a go at think about what fractions we have learnt, see if you can do an example at home practically.
  • Re-read Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Then. read Fergus' poem on page 15. Can you work out the riddles from the poem? You can use page 16 to help.
  • Have a go at doing some exercise. Joe Wicks has his PE on a Monday or you could have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga. (please supervise)



Day 2:

  • Practice spellings
  • Have a go at day 2 of phonics
  • Complete day 2 of maths. Listen to Count in 2s by Scratch Garden on Youtube (please supervise)
  • Re-read Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Yesterday you read Fergus' poem. Can you make a poem for yourself, as if you were a pirate? See if you can write your own riddles. Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and beautiful handwriting!
  • Have a go at learning about dinosaurs! Here is a link to a video about dinosaurs and an activity afterwards. 

If you really liked learning about dinosaurs, have a go at creating your own dinosaur. Draw and label your dinosaur and give it a name! You could even think about what your dinosaur eats. Is it a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?




Day 3:

  • Practice spellings
  • *no phonics*
  • Complete day 3 of maths work
  • For writing today follow this link: - watch each clip of Karim reading George's Marvellous Medicine and complete the activities with each clip. Underneath each book extract there are explanations for the activities. You can either read the extracts or watch the videos to hear the story.
  • Have a go at the Pirate Bunnies: World Adventures game on BBC bitesize. Have a go at some of the quizzes and games. Link here:



Day 4:

  • Practice spellings
  • Complete day 3 of phonics 
  • Complete day 4 of maths
  • Re-read Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Read the letter in a bottle sent on page 17. Can you write your reply? Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and have beautiful handwriting!



Day 5:

  • Have a spelling test
  • Complete day 4 of phonics - today is review day!
  • Complete day 5 of maths, including your friends of 10 challenge!
  • Re-read Sayeeda the Pirate Princess. Today is your last task on this story. Today's last task is a fun one - make your own treasure map! There is a really good example on page 18 to help you.