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Week 6 17.5.21

Tuesday 18.5.21

English- This week we are practising our writing.

Today I would like you to have a go at using your phonics to write a sentence to match these pictures. You can use a pencil and some paper or you can download the sheet at the end and write it on there.



Phonics - Have a look at the video and activities for Read, Write, Inc. below. Your child will know which Read Write Inc group they are in for which work to complete.

Mrs Kazemi's Group - Learn the sound 'l'.  Watch the video Practise writing the sound and then think of some letters that start with that sound.

Miss Nicholls Group -Learn the sound 'nk'. Watch the video Practise writing 'nk'. This sound is at the end of the words. Can you think of any words that end with this sound. Write them down. I will give you one to start sink.


Maths - This week we are continuing to learn about taking away. We started this in our Maths lessons last week. Make some number cards from 0-10. Your child can write the numbers to help. Make a take away sign - and an equals sign = 

Make some number sentences like in the picture below and use some of your toys or objects from around your house to work out the answer.  Can you write down the number sentence and answer on some paper?

I would love to see some pictures of you taking away on Class Dojo.


Science- We have been learning all about Space and planets. Have a go at singing our planets song. Find out some interesting facts about the planets or space and write them down. Can you draw a picture to go with it? What is your favourite fact? When we come back to school you can share your fact and we can make a class book.


Wednesday 19.5.21

English- Have a go at making a list of 10 things you would take into space. Use the sheet in the resources below to write your list on or draw your own rocket and write your list inside it.


Phonics-See below for work for your phonics group.

Mrs Kazemi's Group - Learn the sound 'h' Watch the video Practise writing the sounds h and then ask your child to write the follow using their sounds. mad and mum.

Miss Nicholls Group -Learn the sound 'th' Watch the video Practise writing the sound th and then write some letters with that sound. Can you write the words for these pictures.


Maths- Watch the National Oak academy lesson by following the link.


Creative - Make some alien handprint pictures. Watch the Oak national academy lesson below to find out what to do.



Thursday 20.5.21

English-  Draw an alien and a speech bubble like in the picture below. Can you write in the speech bubble what you think the alien might be saying. You can also download a sheet to print on below if you would like. 


Phonics - See below for work for your phonics group.

Mrs Kazemi's Group -Learn the sound 'sh' Watch the video. Can you play 'What's in Fred's fridge' game.

Miss Nicholls Group -Learn the sound 'ch' Can you write the sound ch. Play the 'What's in Fred's Fridge' game using the link from Mrs Kazemi's group above.

Maths- Have a go at making a subtraction (take away) story. Like in the picture below. Make up a story, draw it, write the number sentence and tell the subtraction story to an adult. Can you have a  go at making up and drawing three stories? If you are struggling to think of a story use the sheet at the end of the page to describe these stories instead. 


Reading- Have a go at reading the Ditty 15 - Pens. It is in the picture below or you can download it to read at the bottom of the page in resources for next week. 



Friday 21.5.21

Phonics- Both groups - Practise all the sounds that we have learned this week. Can you write them? Can you practise writing the following words using the pictures.

Practise singing our Tricky words song.


Physical Development- Have a go at some Cosmic kids yoga. This week we are Learning about Mike and Muttnik on the Moon


Music - As we have been learning Space this half term, Have a go at the Space music lesson by following the link


P4C - Watch the Spot and Stripe video Talk about whether you think it would be better to have school in the park or not. Why?