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Week 2 30/03/20



Day 1:

  • SPELLINGS! Above there is a PDF document attached with the spellings for the week. These are common exception words. Please practice these spellings each day in the week and have an adult test you on day 5!

  • Use the maths warm up above and follow this all week. Day 1 today!

  • Using your science skills, think about the senses. Can you write down 3 things you can smell, touch, taste, hear and see today in your exercises books please.

  • Practice the phonic sound 'ay' - sheet to follow is below. 



Day 2:

  • Practice your spellings which are linked below. Can you write a sentence for each one underneath using the word correctly?

  • Use the maths warm up again, following day 2.

  • Read a book (library or home)

  • Just like Samuel Pepys, can you write a diary entry of what you get up to this week. This can run throughout the week!

  • Practice the phonic sound 'ee' - sheet below to follow

Day 3:

  • Joe Wicks warm up at 9 on youtube - this could be fun for everyone to join in if you can!

  • practice the sound 'igh' using the sheet below. You can make a list of real words and nonsense words in your exercise books. Make sure to write what sound you are doing above your work!

  • Keep going with your diary! Write another entry today.

  • Follow the maths warm up for this week - day 3.

  • Practice your spellings!

  • Read a book!



Day 4:

  • Joe Wicks' warm up on YouTube if you can!

  • Counting in 5s - come up with an active routine to remember your fives!

  • Follow today's maths warm up - day 4.

  • Carry on with your diary, just like Samuel Pepys. Can you write down how you are feeling, what you have been doing, what are you looking forward to.

  • Watch clip of Barnaby Bear in Scotland. Locate Scotland on a map, or if you have access go onto Google Earth. Find Scotland and see if you can find any interesting places, as well as Loch Ness!

  • Practice your spellings.

  • Read a book!



Day 5:

  • Joe Wicks' PE warm up!

  • Counting by 5s - practice your own routine.

  • Maths warm up - day 5.

  • Complete your last day of your diary! You could share this on twitter with @MissRustonMPS.

  • Have a spelling test... make sure an adult marks this. Share your spelling scores with me on twitter!

  • Read a book!

  • On Fridays at school we have Golden Time... please today spend some proper time playing with lego, playing games, baking etc. I would love to see pictures of you learning new skills and building different things!