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Week Commencing 08.6.20

Hi everyone, here is your next week planning.  Our theme continues with "Where in the World".

We hope you are all doing well and keeping busy and safe.

Hope to see some of you soon.


Re read "Handa`s Surprise" see link below (please make sure an adult is with you to supervise watching on youtube).


Can you find out where Handa lives?  Have a look at Google maps or a globe and see if you can find it.  

Africa is a completely different part of the world to where you live?  Can you compare to where you live? Is there anything that is similar and what is different?

What do you know about your local area? Can you find out some facts about where you live? 




Can you invent a story based on your favourite animal from the story Handa`s Surprise?

Can you remember to do a backward S and then follow the S to draw your story.  Remember the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Can you describe some of the fruit from the story and write some simple sentences.

Eg; The banana is yellow. It is soft.

The pineapple is spiky.

The apple is round and hard.

Have a go! Can you draw the fruit alongside your sentences?


Have a go at some more addition and subtraction this week.  It can be tricky and it takes practice.  Collect objects to use to add and take away so its visual and then write it down as a number sentence.  


6 + 3 = 9

8 - 2 = 6

Continue to practice counting 1-20, counting in 10s.  Can you find one more and one less from numbers to 20.  What is one number less than 16? etc....

Crafty ideas

Have a go at some of these ideas, be creative and use what you have at home or can get hold of! Have fun!