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Week 3 26.4.21

Wednesday 28.4.21

English - Watch the story 'Aliens love Underpants' Can you tell the story to your family? Can you draw and design a pair of underpants?

Phonics - Learn the sound 'y' then guess what Fred the Frog has seen at the zoo

Maths - In Maths we have been learning about 'Doubling' sing the doubles rap. Then can you find things around your house and then double them. How many have you got altogether. For example find 2 socks double them adding two more. How many altogether?


Thursday 29.4.21

English - Using the underpants you designed yesterday - write some words to describe them e.g. spotty, red, big. Can you then write a simple sentence about them. e.g. My pants are red.

Phonics-  Learn the sound 'w' by watching the video Then write three words that start with 'w' e.g. wet

Maths - Today we are looking at estimation. Estimation is having a good guess how many things there are before you count to check. Watch the video: Then have a go at the worksheet below in the resources section.

Reading - Practise the tricky words song. See if you can write some tricky words.



Friday 30.4.21

Phonics - Learn the sound 'th' - watch the video then ask your child to write the following words. bus, cat, fog

Music - Learn some space music Space: session 1 (

P4C - Watch the video and answer what you think about Friends

Reading - Read the following Ditty - Pup in the mud using the resources below.