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Can you listen to, and learn, this song called 'Singals' 



 It is all about the different battle moves that the Romans used whilst they were fighting their enemies- in song form to help you remember! 


We would love to see / hear you practice! Remember to send us photo's / videos to class dojo.


'Is that a fact?'


Who learnt the 'Signals' song last week? This week you have got a song called 'Is that a fact?'


When you listen to it, I would like you to ask yourself the following questions:


What is the song about?

What have I learnt from the song?

Do any stories come to mind from your listening?


Now, listen to it a second time:

Use your hands to show the high or low sounds in the melody.

Clap along with the Rhythm.

Can you come up with new lyrics to the song?