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Week Commencing 30.3.20

Home Learning Week 3 - 30.3.20

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Below are this week's home learning activities. Don't forget you can keep in touch with us on twitter.


Reading - 

  • This week try making some word and letter sounds cards. Try saying them in funny voices to help practising them more fun!
  • Try sounding and blending to read the CVC words in the video:

 (please make sure you children are supervised when watching youtube)

  • Check out the Oxford Owl and phonics play websites for more reading activities and interactive books to read.
  • Try having a go at collecting things around your house that start with different initial sounds.

Maths -

  • This week in maths we are introducing 'Octoblock' Number block - Number 8!

Watch the video by clicking the link below: 

  • Can you write the number 8? Can you represent 8 in different ways? e.g. draw the numberblock 8, draw 8 apples etc. Can you find 8 of something around your house?  
  • Have a go at some of the 8 challenges in the sheets below.

Writing -  Write a list of your top 5 favourite things. e.g. top 5 foods, top 5 friends, top 5 toys etc. 


R.E. -  This week we are looking at the Easter story from the Christian faith family. Have a look at the Easter story

Talk about what things we do to celebrate Easter.  Can you draw or write these down in your exercise book?


Creative-  Can you design a colourful Easter egg?

Have a go at some other Easter Crafts