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Down at the bottom of the garden

Making bird feeders to sell at enterprise 27.06.16

Do the tallest plants have the longest roots?

Planting cress seeds 17.06.16

Drawing and eating radishes!

Making a bug hotel 16.05.16

In science today (10.05.16), we carried out an investigation.

First we asked the question - which habitat do woodlice prefer?

Then we set up our investigation by making a habitat box. The habitat box had 4 types of habitat inside it, dark and damp, dark and dry, light and damp, light and dry. 

We the released the woodlice into the habitat box and observed where they went!

We will be writing our conclusion next lesson. 

It was very interesting! 

Today (05.05.16) we went outside into our school environment and looked closely at the different habitats. 

We made a record of all the different mini-beasts and plants that we found. 

It was lovely and sunny and we enjoyed finding lots of different creatures! 

In science today (26.04.16), we learnt about how animals and plants are dependent on each other within their habitat. We looked at all the different creatures that live in and depend on an oak tree. 

We then carefully drew a picture of an oak tree and added the creatures onto it. 

We are very proud of our drawings!

Today (12.04.16) we made a wormery using a plastic bottle, mud and sand. We also investigated why spiders don't stick to their webs and then we made spider webs from wool and straws. 

This afternoon we drew pencil sketches of daffodils.