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RE- Belonging


In this unit of work we are looking at what it means to belong. We will think about how people from different faith families show how they belong to their faith family.


We belong to Beech Class

Beech Class badges

Jewish Mezuzahs

Today we made Jewish Mezuzahs. A mezuzah is fixed to the door frame of a Jewish home. It is a special box with a prayer inside it. When Jewish people go in and out of the door they kiss the mezuzah. The mezuzah is decorated to make it special.

Rakhi Bracelets

Today we found out about the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bandan. This when a sister gives her brother a special bracelet. In return, the brother promises to protect and look after his sister. We made our own special bracelets and gave them to our friends.

Harvest Festival 

Today we found out about the importance of a harvest festival to the Christian faith family. Christians use the Harvest festival to think about how God loves the world and cares for it. Churches are decorated with the things that Christians are thankful for, and they sing songs of gratitude. They also show they are followers of Jesus by doing the sorts of things Jesus himself used to do, such as looking after people who are less fortunate. We made cards to celebrate harvest time and added a prayer of thanks inside.


Harvest Supper

Today we thought about how Christians use harvest to remind them of all the things that God has provided for them. This makes them want to share with people who are less fortunate. We made vegetable soup.

Diva Lamps

Today we learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We made diva lamps from clay and painted them. Diva lamps are placed in the windows to welcome the Goddess of wealth into the homes of Hindus.