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Week commencing 15th June

Here are some activities to keep you busy this week...


Remember there is no pressure to complete them, but they are here IF you wish to.

Miss Thorp and Mrs Wright would love to see what you are all getting up to...

You can use the book that you took home to record anything.

Alternatively, you can let us know on twitter or by email.


Miss Thorp's email -

Mrs Wright's email -



Daily work outs for all of the family. 9am every week day morning.


Or you can try some yoga!

 (Adult supervision required)




Gather your teddies up today and read them a story. It can be your favourite story or a story that you have made up.

We'd love to see some photos of you reading a story to your toys!


Writing/Mark Making

Draw a picture of who is in your bubble. Ask a grown up to help you. Maybe you can cut out a circle shape to be your bubble and draw in there. 

(A bubble is a group of people that you are with all the time.)




Watch Numberblocks number 7

(Adult supervision required)

Have a go at drawing number 7. What colours are in number 7? Can you count out 7 things in your house?


Groovy Movers

Let's have a go at dancing!  This is great fun and all you need to do is copy the moves on the video. Get your grown ups to join in too, I'm sure they will love this as much as you do!

(adult supervision required)



Ask a grown up if you can do some threading with things you might find in your house. You will need some string and something to thread onto the string. You can try pasta or cheerios or buttons!



Understanding the World

See if you can help do some jobs round the house. Maybe you can help a grown up cook tea, or do the washing up afterwards. Maybe you can pick up all your toys and use the hoover to tidy your room. Maybe you can help to wash the car. Ask a grown up what you can do to help round the house!


Stay safe, smile and keep washing your hands! 

We miss you!