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Helping your child achieve

Here are some ideas to help you support your child from home. 


1. Practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. This can be done anywhere, in the car, in bed before they go to sleep or just walking to and from school. 


2. Read. The more exposure the children get to reading lots of different types of texts, the more confident they will become at reading. For example, asking them to read the shopping list as you walk around the supermarket or asking them to read posters and signs as you walk around town. Of course reading a fun story with your child daily will allow them to create a love for reading. 


3. Write. As above, the more a child writes the more confident they will become. Ask them to write the shopping list! Encourage them to write their own stories or instructions on how to play their favourite game. Both reading and writing will then help them with their spellings too. 


4. Encourage your child to get creative - cutting, sticking, painting! Anything that allows them to use their hands and their imaginations.


Most importantly have fun! 


We hope that there may be some useful ideas here and if you ever need support from school, please pop in to speak to us!