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Great Fire of London

Abstract art

We looked at Paul Klee's abstract painting.
It is called 'Fire in the evening.'
We used potato sticks to print our abstract design

Town criers

We thought about how people communicated in 1666.
We watched a video on town criers.
Then we wrote a speech.
To tell people about the fire.
We dressed up as town criers.
We used loud voices to make everyone listen.

A visit from Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys came to tell us he needs a new house.
King Charles has given him a new job!
He told us what he would like in his new house.
We wrote property descriptions for a Tudor house.
He then came back and listened to our descriptions
He said he would have to ask his wife Elizabeth...
before he made his decision!

Our finished houses

Here are our finished houses.

Making Tudor houses

We looked at Tudor houses on the internet.
We painted cardboard boxes.
Then we added black strips for the wooden beams.
We added windows and doors.