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Morley Class

What a wonderful week we have had this week in Morley Class!!

We have created a jigsaw piece each to show we all fit together and make one team!!

In English this week...

We had lots of fun having own ball, we waltzed around the room, ate canapes and drank champagne (lemonadesmiley).

We also started our new topic on the 'Stone Age' 

We created our own Stone Age Jewellery and made 'Stonehenge' art pictures. 

We enjoyed using the clay to make our this space for the completed work.

A 'BIG' Well Done! to our Star of the Week for week 2...


Another amazing week in Morley Class!!

Week 3

This week we have worked really hard, we have been hunter gatherers in Topic. We have learnt how work out the density of a rock. 

Hunter gathering and science work

A big well done to our Star of the week for week 3...

A very busy week in Morley Class!!

Week 4

We have worked very hard on staying staying calm and focused on our work this week.


We began the week with our indoor PE yoga session. In this lesson we learnt how to breathe steadily through our noses and out through our mouths. We then gently performed the stretches that would help us to center our minds. 



Yoga PE

Yoga stretches

Downward dog!!

Well done this week's Star of the Week

Week 4

Week 5

Another very busy week in Morley Class!!

Our Hook for our new text 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'

Well done to this weeks Star of the Week!

Also... another big Well done for winning the Marshlands Marvellous Meal poster competition.

Week 6

Our star of the week