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Week commencing 8.2.21

Week 6 - Home Learning Links.




In this lesson, you will think about the snacks we eat and why we like them. You will look at an advert advertising an unhealthy snack, then think about healthy alternatives. Then, you will think of our own healthy snack and write a persuasive sentence about the snack we have designed.



Warm-up- practise your eight times table


In today's lesson you will learn how to calculate the duration of time in minutes 



In this lesson, you will look at in detail the 5 pillars of Islam; Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawn, Hajj. These are considered by Muslims to be the most important practices of their religion.



This week we will again practise our Spanish greetings so we are confident using them. We will be using a new website called- Light Bulb Languages. This site takes you though learning Spanish in a fun way. The first link is a link to the website and the first unit on ‘greetings’ The second link is for the first video in the unit (this can also be reached directly on the website).




Today you will be recapping and practising the suffixes er and est and applying your knowledge.



Warm-up- practise your 4 times table with the hippy unicorn

In today's lesson you will move on to calculate time in hours and minutes



In today’s lesson, you will identify what human rights are and how they protect people. By the end of the lesson you will understand the rights that we have as human beings. You will create a poster demonstrating human rights and what they are.



In this lesson you will learn about why Boudicca lead a revolt against the Romans. You will begin by looking at who the Iceni tribe were and how the Romans responded to the death of the Iceni King. Finally, you will find out how Boudicca fought back against the Romans.

Today is Internet Safety Day

Enjoy some of these activities.


Wellness Wednesday




In this lesson, you will explore complex sentences and sub-ordinating conjunctions. You will choose appropriate conjunctions for a range of sentences and look at examples of complex sentences. Then, you will write your own complex sentence using scientific vocabulary, comparatives or superlatives.



Warm-up- practise your three-times table


In today's lesson you will recap the two scales on an analogue clock



In this session, you will learn how to make an electromagnet and write up an investigation to make your own electromagnet.






In this lesson, you will use your knowledge of the features of advertisements to write your own advert for the healthy snack you designed.



Warm-up- practise your 10 times table


Today we will begin to learn how to tell the time to the nearest minute



In this lesson, you will explore music with 6 beats in a bar.



In this session you will use a data base on a computer. You will sort data to answer question. You will compare using paper-based database with a computer database.



In this lesson, you will develop reading for pleasure through book recommendations, focusing on non-fiction and poetry. You will explore the concept of genre and you will generate your own recommendations to share with others.


Additional activities


STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Why not learn how to draw an elephant.


BUILD IT UP! Try using old boxes to build a Roman town like the ones we have been learning about.


POBBLE 365- This website provides you a new picture each day. Have a look and see if you can answer the questions beneath.


BAKING- Chocolate brownies recipe