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Week Commencing 6.7.20

Week Commencing 06.07.20 

Hi everyone! So many weeks have gone by and we are nearly at the end of our summer term in F2! A very strange year which we hope won`t happen again.

Please keep in touch we would love to hear from you, even if it`s just a picture of you. 

So here is the next weeks planning.  smiley



Read the story of Ronald the Rhino the link below will take you to the ebook.





Have a go at matching the rhyming words to the animals.



I hope you have all had a go at writing your names and some of the writing activities.  

Here are some for this week.  Think about forming all your letters correctly. We have attached the cursive writing so you can see how to form your letters.

Thinking of the rainforest can you write a simple sentence about the pictures?

Can you think of a sentence or some words to describe a Rhino? Such as, grey, big, strong, fast, smooth, horn.  



Lets have a go at adding and subtracting (taking away) 1 digit numbers.  So remember if you are adding the number will be bigger and for taking away the number will be smaller.



Craft ideas



How fab are these little craft ideas linked to Rhino`s