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Weather experts

Continents and Oceans


We made the Earth from a paper plate and added the continents and oceans. We learned a song about the seven continents and five oceans.

Making kites


We deconstructed a kite to find how how it was made. Then we designed and made our own kites. We took them outside to fly them.

Renoir's 'The Umbrellas'


First we made tints and shades of blue. We used our shade cards to pick the shade of blue of the sky. Then we studied the tints and shades that Renoir used in his painting. We made raindrops from tissue paper.


Observing the wind

We were finding out the answer to the question 'what is wind?' We went outside and used wind socks, windmills and bubbles to find out which direction the wind was blowing and how strong it was. We then drew pictures of our observations.

Making a compass


We looked at a compass and discussed how,when and why we might use a compass. We then made our own compasses using a nail and a magnet. We found out which way was north in our classroom.

Wow day!

During wow day we made cloud watching binoculars and made a weather chart. We also painted pictures of our favourite type of weather.