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Year 6 Work and Photos

July 2015 - Hull University Visit

July 2015 - Graduation

June 2015 - Professor Fluffy

June 2015 - Swillington Visit

June 2015 - Reading War Horse

May 2015 - Lowther Hotel Poetry

Year 6's Lowther Hotel Poetry

April 2015 - Reading Outside

April 2015 - Rounders with Mrs Phillipson

April 2015 - Building Bridges WOW Day

We were given a challenge to start the new topic.
We had to build a bridge.
We could use 6 sheets of paper.
It had to cross a 20cm gap.
It also had to hold a 1kg weight.
A toy car had to safely cross it.
There were lots of different ideas.
Everyone wanted their bridge to be strong.
Barriers were used to keep the car on.
Every bridge was tested.
A bonus 2kg weight criteria was added.

March 2015 - Easter Treasure Hunt Reward

March 2015 - PE with Mr Butterworth

We've been learning about Orienteering
In this lesson we had to come up with our own task
We did it small scale so it was easier to organise
Everyone tried out each others' courses
We've really been improving our team work skills

January 2015 - Puzzle Workshop

The Happy Puzzle Company came into school.
We had lots of different puzzles to solve.
We had to work in teams.

January 2015 - Crime and Punishment WOW Week

We came back to school to discover a crime scene!
We learnt how to become crime scene investigators.
A valuable money box was taken from the classroom!
We had to work out what had happened...

Our Rollercoaster Guides

November 2014 - DRAX Electricity Workshop

Our visitors told us all about Drax power station.
We found out how energy is made.
We helped to build a model of a power station.

November 2014 - Hotdog Fractions

November 2014 - Ancient Greece Workshop

We got to look at lots of artefacts.
We drew the artefacts.
We considered what they might've been used for.
We could even try the helmet on!
We learned to play a game from Ancient Greece.

October 2014 - Abandoned Amusement Park Stories

September 2014 - Rounding Number Hunt

We had to search the playground.
Different numbers were hidden everywhere!

September 2014 - Allerthorpe Group C

September 2014 - Allerthorpe Group B

September 2014 - Allerthorpe Group A

September 2014 - Working in the Dark

The 7 Up Rollercoaster

The Fearsome Frog Rollercoaster

The Fanta Rollercoaster

September 2014 - Loop the Loop WOW Week

Welcome to Marshlands Towers!
We had to build our own rollercoaster.
We were designing, cutting, scoring and folding.
We worked in teams to build our rollercoasters.
We used tape to build our tall rollercoasters.

July 2014 - Transition Day

What makes an outstanding Year 6 pupil?
Working together to think about our new teacher.
What would make our teacher outstanding?
Designing a hand pattern for a class project.
Our finished project!