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Ice cream behaviour reward 14.7.16

Hand washing workshop 4.7.16

Chocolate experiment 27.5.16

We wanted to see how quickly chocolate melted in our hands so we conducted an experiment to test this out. We made this a fair experiment by making sure that we all held the chocolate in the same way, had the same type of  chocolate and started at the same time. The quickest piece melted at  3 minutes 15 seconds and the slowest took 11 minutes 32 seconds. We had real fun doing this experiment and have some fantastic experiments to try out in our new topic next term.

Chocolate experiment 27.5.16

Our new Guinea pigs 29.4.16

Stay and Play 29.4.16 - Writing workshop

Supertato 26.4.16


We came to school one morning and found that the evil peas had taken over the classroom! We decided that the best way to catch them was to do as Supertato had done and make some jelly and leave it overnight. When we came to school the next day, all evil peas had fallen for our trap and we caught them all ☺!!! No more pesky peas on the loose.

WOW day - catching the baddies

For our WOW day for the topic "Superheroes" the children came to school

dressed as their favourite superhero. We then found a letter from 'The Joker' who 

told us he had come into school and pinched our Hudls and remote control cars!!!! The children discussed what we should do about this and decided we needed to make a trap to catch him. We designed a trap and wrote a list of resources we would need to make the traps. We then used the large blocks to make a trap to catch him.

WOW day 12.4.16

Easter craft behaviour reward 24.3.16

Fire engine Visit for the topic "Our Community" 21.3.16

Tractor visit for " Our Community" topic 10.3.16

Police Visit for our topic "Our Community" 3.3.16

P.E. Games 1.3.16

ICT 29.1.16

Road and Lorry safety 25.2.16

Stay and Play
The children had lots of fun working with their families to create some fantastic Fairy Tale crafts. We would like to thank all the parents who came to support this event.

Stay and play 4.2.16

Safety Officers

Each week we pick 3 children that use a checkist to check

all our outdoor resources. They enjoy checking the safety

of the objects to keep themselves and the other 

children in our unit safe. 

Our new tablets WC 25.1.16

Balance Bikes 21.1.16

Three Little Pigs Hook 5.1.16

Christingle 18.12.15