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Week 2 - 1.3.21

Home Learning - 1.3.21


Monday 1.3.21

English - We are going to continue with 'The Giant Turnip' and we are going to dance the story today.


Phonics - Revisit and learn the sound 'j' Follow the link:

Can you write the following words with j in:



Maths - Today we are learning about length. Have a go at completing the things in the picture below. You can also print this off at the bottom of the page if you would like.


Creative - Design and draw your dream garden. What things would you like in your garden? A swing or slide? Some flowers or trees? Maybe you would like a pond with some fish in. If you would like you can print out the garden design sheet at the bottom of the page and cut, stick and make a garden that way.

Tuesday 2.3.21

English - We are going to learn and role-play action in the story 'The Giant Turnip'


Phonics- Recall and learn the sound 'v' by following the link


Reading - Practise reading and writing the tricky words. I, no, go, the, to, into

Then have a go at playing the tricky words game:

Then learn these new tricky words he, she, me and be. 


Maths - Learn all about tall and short with Grover from Seasame street:

Then have a go at the activity below (again this can be found at the bottom)



Physical Development - Have a go at playing this game to get your body moving. You could put some music on when you move around your space.  (This P.E. activity card can also be found to print out at the bottom if you need to)

Here is a video to explain the activity too:


Wednesday 3.3.21



Here is the menu of non screen activities for today.

Thursday 4.3.21

English- Can you think about the turnip from the story 'The Giant Turnip'. Can you write a sentence to describe the turnip? e.g. The turnip is so big. You could draw a picture to go with your sentence too.

REMEMBER: To use your phonics to help you write, 

                                          To use finger spaces.


Phonics - Practise and learn the sound 'y' by following the link: 

Practise writing the three sounds that we have learned this week. Can you write any words that have those sounds in?


Maths - Have a go at some of these home learning activities on size. You can do as many of these as you would like. (This can also be downloaded and printed out at the bottom of the page) 


R.E. - We are going to be learning about Easter. What do you do to celebrate Easter at home? What do you see at Easter time? Draw some Easter objects.



Friday 5.3.21

Reading - Practise reading Ditty number 7 - Pup in the mud.


Science - This week we are learning about the forces of push and pull. REMEMBER - They PULL the giant turnip out in the story.


Can you find and draw things around your house that you can push and draw them and then things that you can pull like the pictures above.


Music - We are going to have another sing song today about the garden. We enjoyed doing this in school last week too so this week is building on what we learned last week. 


PHSCE -  Today's lesson is all about' Growing' and your growing journey  Follow the link to watch.