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Speed Tables Test

Speed Tables Test


All Y4 children will have their multiplication skills formally tested in the summer term of Year 4 from 2020 as part of new guidelines set out by the government. Children will be tested using an on-screen check (on a computer or a tablet), where they will have to answer multiplication questions against the clock.


In maths the children practice their multiplication skills daily. Year 3 is a crucial year for times tables learning.  Year 4 is a ‘completing’ year for all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. Children are expected to be really confident in all their times tables (up to the 12 times table) by the start of Y5.



How can you help your children at home?

Some of the techniques you can use include:

-  Practicing times tables by rote (old-fashioned chanting of each multiplication table).

- Asking your child times tables questions out of order – such as ‘What’s 11x12? What’s 5x6?’

- Asking your child the related division facts: ‘What’s 8 ÷ 4? What’s 9 ÷ 6?’

- Using arrays to help your child memorize times tables – you can use fun objects like Smarties or Lego bricks to make it more entertaining.

- Using apps and games to help build speed.

- Singing times tables songs (there are loads online).