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May half term ideas

May half term!
This week is your week off home learning. If you’re struggling for ideas to keep yourselves busy have a look here.

  • Last weeks maths was based around money and shopping trips. This week you could set up your own shop! You could make a door sign, a name for your shop, labels for your items and even money! Have a go with your family. 
  • There will be a link below to your own time capsule to have a go at completing at home whilst home learning. This could be something you share with your class at school in the future.
  • You could have a go at coming up with your own science experiment similar to the sink or float.
  • You could create your own topic (like the ones we have in school) and learn about your topic at home. 
  • Download the colouring sheets below and do some colouring, or create your own picture to colour.
  • Have a go at baking/cooking something new with an adult.
  • Learn a dance/song!
  • Play with different toys or make up a new game!