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Week 4 - 25.1.21

Home Learning Week 4 - 25.1.20


Monday 25.1.20

English - This week we are doing a new book 'What the ladybird heard' by Julia Donaldson. Listen to the story here:

Then have a go at matching the animals to the noises they make. You can download the sheet (like the one in the picture) at the bottom of the page (I will also put this on Class Dojo) or you could draw the animals on a sheet of paper and ask an adult to write the animal noises then match them up.


Phonics - We are recapping the sound ' g' Watch the video here.

Can you have a go at writing 'g'. Don't forget we use the get ready lines too. Then try and write three CVC words. e.g. sun, bus. Next, play the what's in the fridge game to practise your blending skills.


Maths - This week we are learning about 8. Watch the Number 8 episode.

Can you make an 'Octoblock' puppet using things in your house? Also if you would like you can go to the bottom of the page and download and print the sheet to make one. 


Creative - As our new story is 'What the ladybird heard' Can you make a ladybird? You can make it in any way you wish, painting, paper plates etc. There are some ideas in the picture below or you can follow the link to the website for some more ideas.


Tuesday 26.1.21 - 

English - Watch 'What the ladybird heard story' again using the link above. Can you write some words to describe the ladybird and the hen. e.g. ladybird - red, small. Hen - white, big.

Encourage your children to use their phonics knowledge and sound out to write phonetically. This means they may not write the words correctly but this is ok. For example they may write small --> smol or black --> blak as these are the sounds they hear. This is great and what we encourage at school.



Phonics - Today we are looking at the sound 'o'

Try writing it and again try writing some simple words with the 'o' sound in e.g. log.


Reading  - Practise your sounding and blending skills by reading the words in the following interactive book:


Maths - We are continuing with number 8. You can re-watch the episode if you would like. Then practise writing number 8. Can you draw the 8 numberblock? Represent 8 in different ways. Find 8 toys around your house. Can you draw 8 things on your paper? Can you find the numeral 8 anywhere in your house, if so where?


Physical Development - Have a go at some Cosmic kids Yoga. This week it is 'Arnold the Ant'

Wednesday 27.1.21

English - In the story what the ladybird heard are lots of words that rhyme. Can you find any? Have a go at writing a list of words that rhyme with dog and hen. Encourage your child to use their phonics and have a go at writing the words themselves.

Remember: Rhyming words are words that sound the same e.g. fox-box.


Phonics  - Practise the 'c' sound.

Practise writing the sound on some paper.  Then follow the link to play the game to practise your reading skills.

Please choose words that are from phase 1 and 2. There are lots of other great phonics games to play on this website. Have an explore to see if you can find some other ones you like.


Maths - Continuing with number 8 have a go at some of the activities on the picture below. If you find this easier to print you can find it at the bottom of the page or I will also post it on Class Dojo. Please don't feel like you have to do them all just choose a few to have a go at. 


R.E. - In the story Noah's ark which we have been learning about. God chooses Noah to build the ark and save the animals because he thinks Noah is a special person. 

Draw a picture of a person who is special to you. Can you write their name? Talk to an adult and tell them why the person you have drawn is special to you.




Thursday  28.1.21

English -  Make some character puppets from the story 'What the ladybird Heard' and then use them to act out the story. What can you remember?

At the bottom of the page are some you can print and cut out if you would like or draw your own. 


Phonics- Practise all the sounds we have looked at so far this week. G, O, C.

Write 2 words that start with G, two words that start with O and two words that start with C. 

Play the game 'What's in the Toy Box' :


Maths - Have a go at spotting which is the real Octoblock (see picture below) - This can be found below to print or I will put on Class Dojo where you can have a go interactively.

Alternatively ask an adult to draw some things that are 8 and not 8 and you can circle the 8 things. 




It is important to not spend to much time at a screen so take this afternoon to do activities away from your computer/device. You can find some ideas of activities to do below or send me some pictures on Class Dojo of other things you have enjoyed doing. 


  1. Coloring/Painting
  2. Sharing stories
  3. Helping in the kitchen – Get the kids involved in safe activities around the kitchen like mixing things and peeling fruits and vegetables. I usually hand over a bowl and spoon to my son that he uses to mimic me cooking. Another favorite is peeling garlic pods. He enjoys this and I don’t mind the mess.
  4. Helping with laundry – Let them help you sort, stack and fold. It will be clumsy work but keeps them engaged and involved in chores from the beginning.
  5. Explore nature in your garden.
  6. Old gadgets – Look at old phones, tv remotes, calculators or other gadgets around the house to play with or take apart and talk about how they work.
  7. Baking together 
  8. Water play – explore filling and emptying / floating and sinking.
  9. Music and dance
  10. Cardboard box doll house
  11. Wash toys together
  12. Singing songs
  13. Play a board game
  14. Play hide and seek in the house
  15. Balloon tennis.
  16. Play ball.
  17. Trampoline 
  18. Go for a bike ride/ walk- remember to stay safe.
  19. Jigsaw puzzles
  20. Build a pillow fortress or sheet den
  21. Building using lego or other construction sets.



Friday 29.1.21

Reading - Have a go at reading Ditty 3 'A man and a Dog'

Don't forget I would love to see how you are getting on with your reading so send me some videos of you reading on Class Dojo.


Music - Take part in a music lesson from Oak National Academy - Good to be me. Follow the link below:


Fine motor skills- Find something with Zip's on in your house. Practise your fine motor skills by doing up and un doing the zips. 


P4C - Watch the Spot and Stripe video

Talk through the question really focussing on answering why it would be good or not.