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Week commencing 11.1.21

Home Learning - Week 2


Monday 11th January 2021-

Maths warm up - Remember Jack Hartmann? He's back! Here's a great lively way to practice your counting in 25s to wake you up on a Monday morning!


Maths - For today's lesson please watch the video about factors and products. There's some new terminology there but don't worry, it will all be explained!


English - You will be introduced to the story of Aladdin. You will watch a clip of the Disney film and use it generate vocabulary and practice writing sentences.


RE- Having discussed a lot about Jesus we will now look at the three persons of God.


Tuesday 12th January 2021-

Maths warm up - Maths isn't just about numbers, it's about patterns too. See if you can spot the patterns here when counting in 50s and 25s. Remember when we're counting, we don't always start a zero!


Maths - Time for a recap lesson using arrays and bar models.


English - In this session you will concentrate on prefixes and how they change the meaning of the root word.


Topic – Our topic this term is The Romans! We have so many great activities and lessons planned for you for when we can all return to school. But it won’t hurt if you have a little bit of prior knowledge! Complete this lesson to understand how the Romans became so powerful.


Wednesday 13th January 2021-

Maths warm up - We're back to the threes again!  Here's one of our old favourites from Year Two to help you practice!

Maths - We're looking for patterns in our maths again. Try today's lesson and don't be put off by the big words.


English- In this lesson you will recap last week’s simple sentence work and build on this to explore compound sentence.


PE- Joe Wicks daily workout YouTube – PE with Joe


PSHCE - What are your responsibilities as a citizen? What even is a citizen? Find out in your 2nd lesson in the unit 'All around me'.


Thursday 14th January 2021-

Maths warm up – did you like the unicorn last week? Feedback required please! In the meantime here she is again with your 4 times tables


Maths – we’re always thinking about what we already know to help us solve maths problems. In this lesson we do just that … so make sure that your brains and switched on and fully charged!


English - Having covered simple sentences and compound sentences it is time to explore complex sentences.


Science - Having introduced our new topic of Forces and Magnets this is lesson 2 looking magnets and how the attract and repel.


Friday 15th January 2021-

Maths warm up – a different 8 times table this week, but still one I know you enjoy singing along to!


Maths – in our final maths lesson this week we will learn how to use our known number facts to make numbers ten-times greater.


English - Having practiced our sentence types we can now use these to generate strong openings to add to our Aladdin work.


Spanish - This song will help you to remember and recap the greetings we have worked on previously in Spanish and help us.