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Spring 2022

WOW Day: Roman Numerals 05.01.2022

WOW Day: Design and Make a Roman Shield 05.01.2022

WOW Day: Use our Roman Shields 05.01.2022

HOOK: The Discovery of a Dragon Egg 10.01.2022

Art: Printing Practice 21.01.2022

Science: Identifying Magnetic Materials 24.01.2022

ART: Designing a picture for our mosaic 07.02.2022

ART: Practice print of our design 07.02.2022

ART: Our completed mosaic 10.02.2022

History: Sketching our Boudicca Portraits 03.03.2022

DT: Tasting Spanish Food 04.03.2022

Science: Seed Dispersal 22.03.2022

Music: Communications 25.03.2022

English: Re-hook (Making our own chocolate bar) 31.03.2022

DT: Our dishes for the King 01.04.2022