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Class Photographs

Week 4 - the children have enjoyed playing with the imagination playground and of mark making and caring for our little guinea pig's.

Week 3 - Another fun filled and busy week with exciting new little friends to our FSU!

Week 2- Super Hero fun, using our climbing frame to understand positional language, cutting skills and fun continuous provision.

Week 1 - new climbing frame, super Hero's and exploring, transient art, painting and writing our names.

Wow day- Super Hero's

Week 5 - Easter chocolate fun, looking at plants, throwing and catching, dancing and looking at beans and seeds.

Fire Engine visit

Week 4 - playing with friends, making shapes and patterns, choosing their own activities!

Week 3 - Play and Stay session, tractor visit and lots of fun, hands on learning.

Week 2 - great week full of exploring and learing news skills, and World book day!

Spring 2 - week 1 lots of new activities, post office role play, drive in a wagon, cutting skills.

Week 6

Week 5 - Gingerbread man fun, mark making, enjoying choosing their own activities and games.

Week 4 - role play, creative

Week 3 - balance bike fun! Exploring 3 little pigs

Week 2 - Welcome to our new children who have settled in well.

Week1 - First week back! Pie Corbett story maps for our Traditional Tales topic! Exploring, looking at heavy and light objects and wonderful mark making, writing!

Week 7

Week 6 - Christmas performance, the children were fantastic. Lots of mark making, creative construction, outside play.

Play and Stay with my lovely parents

Week 5 - lots of fun, our lovely new reading area and outside Christmas role play

Week 4 - What a week! Making chocolate crispies for "Enterprise" after school, mark making of initial sounds in sand, having great fun during ongoing time.

Week 3 - lots of building, constructing, mark making and creative play, caring for Stanley and learning through play.

Look at our super hero's for children in need!

Week 2 what a great week!

Pizza faces WC 9.11.15

Our first week back.

PE lesson activities and Daisy finding the biggest leaf ever!!
Lots of amazing experiences this week, bonfire inspired activities, making shapes, colour mixing, tasting chocolate and making patterns inspired by the Aztec people for history theme week.

Our Pop Art image.

What a week! Decorating biscuits looking at facial features, mark making, singing and lots of fun learning!

Lots of mark making inside and out, outdoor balancing, being active and construction building. All children fully involved during ongoing provision time. Fantastic!
PE in the big hall, moving in different ways. 

What a great week!

Lots of fun activities this week!

Meet Stanley our foundation family pet rabbit.

Another exciting week of learning through play!

Our fantastic first few weeks.

Photographs taken during ongoing provision.😁