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Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to

Lower Key Stage Two! 

 Our topic this term is: 'Pre-Historic Britain'


Throughout this topic we will be aiming to answer the following enquiry questions:

  • What was 'new' about the 'New Stone Age'?
  • Which was better, bronze or iron?
  • When do you think it was better to live; Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?


In science, this half-term we are learning all about Rocks!

We will be using a hands-on, practical approach, including lots of fun experiments to answer the following questions...

  • What is a rock?
  • How can we compare different rocks to each other?
  • How are fossils made?
  • What makes up soil?

If you have any photos of your child with rocks; on the beach, at a waterfall or at a National Park etc, please upload the photo to your child's Class Dojo page. It will be great to share the experience with their class.