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Week Commencing 18.5.20


Hi everyone, Week 8!!! Can you believe it.  We are still continuing with our Supertato theme and have another week of exciting activities to do/adapt and have a go at.  We are both missing you all so much, we hope you are all doing well.  



Read the rest of the Supertato series you can youtube these books - Here are a few to get started on: -

Veggies Assemble

Hap-Pea ever after

Carnival Catastro-Pea!

(Please have adult supervision when on Youtube)


Have a go at making your own character stick puppets and then act out the story with your family.


Keep practising your tricky words!





Characters from Supertato!



We have reached number 10. Can you count to 10 and recognise the numbers up to 10?  

Have a go at looking at number bonds to 10.  These are two numbers (pairs) that when added together make 10.

10 + 0 = 10

9 + 1 = 10

8 + 2 = 10 

7 +3 = 10

6 +4 = 10

5 + 5 = 10

4 + 6 = 10

3 + 7 = 10

2 + 8 = 10

1 + 9 = 10





Have a go at making up some fun activities with some real coins.  Ask your parents if you can use some coins.  Have a look at these activities with your family.



Who knows what is healthy and unhealthy food? Can you sort this food out? 

Can you design a healthy meal for your lunch?




Thinking of our Super hero, Supertato, can you design and label a side kick for Supertato? Who would be a good character for helping Supertato to protect the other vegetables?  What would they look like? Can you think of a name for them.



Draw your sidekick on a piece of paper and give them a super hero name.  Label the different parts of their costume.  EG: belt, mask etc.....




craft ideas - Have fun with some of these! We would love to see them.