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Week Commencing 11.5.20

Reading  - 

  • Pick your favourite book and read it with someone in your family. Talk about what is your favourite part of the story? Why do you like the story? 
  • Draw and label your favourite character from the story in your exercise book.
  • Real and nonsense words -  use the video and read the words. Can you tell an adult whether the words are real words or nonsense words?


           (make sure there is adult supervision when using Youtube)

  • Don't forget to practise your Read Write Inc. sounds shown below.


  • The Evil Pea from Supertato has mixed up the sentences Supertato was trying to write. Can you help Supertato by reading the words and then writing the sentence in the correct order.?
  • Help Supertato release the Evil pea's prisoners by writing their names. 

Maths  - 

  • Make an Estimation Station - Remember estimating is having your best guess. Get an adult to put some things (e.g. lego, crayons, grapes, sweets - anything in your house) in a bowl or jar. Then the child estimates how many they can see. Pour them out and count to see if your guess was close to the right answer. 
  • Help Supertato to find the answers to his number sentences by adding the Superheroes together and writing the answer at the end. 
  • 3D SHAPES - Practise the 3D shape rap below. Go on a 3D shape hunt around your house. What can you find. What 3D shape is it. e.g. Tin of beans = cylinder. Can you write them in your exercise book?
  • Another video to learn about 3D shapes - follow the link (don't forget adult supervision)

Creative  -

  • Here are some Supertato crafts you could try at home. 

Extra Superhero challenges