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Week 8 01/06/20

Week 8


Day 1:

  • Learn your new spellings
  • Complete day 1 of maths tasks
  • Have a look at Jane Pippety tasks for writing this week. Today I would like you and an adult to read the story and complete the post-it notes.
  • Complete day 1 of phonics practice. Home sheets are also available to use and practice with.



Day 2:

  • Complete day 2 of maths tasks
  • For Jane Pippety today I would like you to try and remember the story. Have a go at 'who said what?' and the quiz.
  • Complete day 2 of phonics practice.
  • Under science there is a flower and plant hunt to have a go at. Make sure you go with an adult if you are going for a walk to find them! If not, have a look in your garden and around you, see what you can find! 


Day 3:

  • Complete day 3 of maths tasks
  • Re-read Jane Pippety again. Then have a go at the key words, on pages 9 and 10. Don't forget to write down your answers in your exercise books!
  • Complete day 3 of phonics practice.
  • Under science, have a look at the powerpoint. Yesterday you should have found lots of plants and flowers. There are many different parts of a flower or plant that this powerpoint will help you find! After you've had a look through the powerpoint, you could go back outside and see if you can identify different parts of a plant or flower.



Day 4:

  • Complete day 4 of maths tasks
  • Using Jane Pippety, go to page 11 and design your own 'watch out!' poster!
  • Complete day 4 of phonics practice.
  • Can you remember anything from the parts of a plant from yesterday? If you're not quite sure, have a look at the powerpoint again. Then, complete the labelling of a plant task.



Day 5: