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RE - belonging


This term, we are looking at groups in which people belong and which groups we belong to. 

Class Badges

For our first 'belonging' lesson we discussed all the groups and clubs that we belonged to. For this, we made our own class badge so we can represent another group that we belong to.

Jewish Mezuzah

In our second lesson we explored some Jewish traditions. We learnt about the Mezuzah and why it is so important to the Jewish faith. We then made our own Mezuzahs.


This week, we have looked more at Harvest and how it is special to Christians. We wrote our prayers so that we can say thank you for all the fruit and vegetables that are given to us daily. We then created Harvest cards, using hand paints to make apples on the front.

Harvest continued...

We continued our work on Harvest by making a vegetable soup to celebrate the fruit and vegetables that we are thankful for.


This week we learned about Diwali and we made some Diva lamps!


This week, we looked at the Jewish festival Sukkot. For this, we made our own sukkah!