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Welcome to F1 PM!

Here you will find information about F1, a run down of weekly activities, photos and newsletters.


Homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in on the following Wednesday.


Dibbles! and Rewards

Your children collect 'ticks' for good work, good behaviour, sharing, friendship, following the school rules, doing the right thing and many more different reasons. When they have collected 5 'ticks' they can choose a reward from the DIBBLES box. This could be some sweets or a small toy. This is the schools way of saying 'Well done!'

We also reward the children with a small sweet at the end of the session if they have stayed on out Golden Star. This means that they have been consistently good for the whole session, always doing the right thing and always displaying the correct behaviour. Each day all the children start on the Golden Star, so even if they have fallen off or wobbled the day before they get a fresh start the next day.