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Week Commencing 13.7.20


I can't believe this is the final week of your home learning before the summer holidays. The year has gone so quick. You have all been so fantastic this year and we are so proud of you. Well done everyone smiley

As always if you need anything don't hesitate to contact us via twitter.

This week's activities are all about summer as it is the summer holidays very soon. 




  • Seaside missing sounds - Read the words on the sheet (you can use the pictures to help you) then write the missing sounds to complete the word.


  • Write some sentences about what you can see or do in the summer holidays. e.g. I can see the sun, I play in the garden. You can use the sheet below to write on or write in your exercise book. 
  • Summer rhyming words - Write a list of words that rhyme with the following words. Sand, hut, shell, sea, hat. You can use the sheet below to write them on if you wish.
  • Write a postcard - Talk about what a postcard is and what is looks like. What kinds of things do you write on it. Use the template below to write a postcard for someone you have not seen for a while. 
  • After the summer holidays you will be moving from F2 to year 1.

       - Write what you are looking forward to. 

       - What has been your favourite memory of F2.

       - A wish for year 1.

      - Who your friends are.

      - What your are good at and what you would like to get better at.

You can use the sheets below to write on are write them in your book. 


Maths - 

  • How much is the ice cream? - In the summer when it's hot we might enjoy some ice cream. Work out how much each ice cream costs by counting the coins.
  • Summer Maths activity booklet - Have a go at some of the summer themed maths activity in the book below. (please don't feel like you have to complete all of the sheets)

Understanding the World -

  • Talk about how to stay safe when it is warm in the sun. You could design your own safety poster. 
  • Sort the clothes into which clothes you would wear in the summer and which in the winter. With an adult discuss why you have sorted them like that. 

Summer Crafts

Things to do in the Summer holidays