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Pupil  School Year Now                           Pupil Last Uninterrupted School Year
Year 11Year 8
Year 10Year 7
Year 9Year 6 (Primary)
Year 8Year 5 (Primary)
Year 7Year 4 (Primary)
Year 6Year 3 (Primary)
Year 5 Year 2 (Key stage 1)
Year 4Year 1 (Key stage 1)
Year 3Reception
Year 2Never
Year 1Never

2019-2020 Disrupted by Covid and school closures

2020-2021 Disrupted by Covid and school closures

2021-2022 Disrupted by Covid


Covid and school closures have impacted not only on pupils academically, but socially too.  We have many strategies and support systems in place not only for our pupils and staff but also our families.  If you feel that you or your child may need additional support, please let us know.




Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

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